Distribution Software

What Does Distribution Software Mean?

Distribution software is a type of application developed especially for the manufacturing and distribution industry. The software is designed to help manufacturers manage and handle everything from inventory control and order processing, to accounting, supply chain management, sales, customer support and customer relationship management, and finance management. Distribution software is an all-in-one solution designed to provide easier integration and up-to-date information. This can be accessed across all involved departments, ensuring that everything is in sync in terms of schedule and other important deadlines and success metrics.


Techopedia Explains Distribution Software

Distribution software falls under the bigger umbrella of enterprise resource planning (ERP). It helps to plan and deploy resources across each different branch of an organization. We can consider these types of software as mini-platforms that integrate different solutions that are meant to work together to facilitate the flow of information between interdependent business functions within the confines of an organization, while also managing the links to outside sources and stakeholders.

Newer distribution software variants even incorporate cloud technologies and social networking techniques, especially when it comes to marketing and human resources.


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