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Communications Security

What Does Communications Security Mean?

Communications security (COMSEC) ensures the security of telecommunications confidentiality and integrity – two information assurance (IA) pillars. Generally, COMSEC may refer to the security of any information that is transmitted, transferred or communicated.


Techopedia Explains Communications Security

There are five COMSEC security types:

Cryptosecurity: This encrypts data, rendering it unreadable until the data is decrypted.
Emission Security (EMSEC): This prevents the release or capture of emanations from equipment, such as cryptographic equipment, thereby preventing unauthorized interception.
Physical Security: This ensures the safety of, and prevents unauthorized access to, cryptographic information, documents and equipment.
Traffic-Flow Security: This hides messages and message characteristics flowing on a network.
Transmission Security (TRANSEC): This protects transmissions from unauthorized access, thereby preventing interruption and harm.


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