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Ingress Traffic

What Does Ingress Traffic Mean?

Ingress traffic is composed of all the data communications and network traffic originating from external networks and destined for a node in the host network.


Ingress traffic can be any form of traffic whose source lies in an external network and whose destination resides inside the host network. Ingress traffic can be from all applications accessed via a remote server or over the Internet.

Techopedia Explains Ingress Traffic

Today, almost all internetworks are connected to some external network, the Internet or an autonomous system. The diverse connectivity and communication among them creates data packets flowing in and out of the network. Ingress traffic is all traffic initiated at a remote and external location or within a network not under the host network. Ingress traffic must also be directed toward a segment or node installed in the host network.

Whenever users access a website, application or a utility over the Internet, the ingress traffic flows towards that user’s system because that entity the user accessed is hosted on an external network.

Egress traffic is the reverse of ingress traffic. Egress is all traffic is directed towards an external network and originated from inside the host network.


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