Horizontal Enterprise Portal

What Does Horizontal Enterprise Portal Mean?

A horizontal enterprise portal (HEP) is a specific type of enterprise portal used to access a variety of business functions through a local areas network (LAN), wide area network (WAN) or the Internet, such as Yahoo’s home page.


A HEP is also known as a mega portal.

Techopedia Explains Horizontal Enterprise Portal

A HEP differs from a vertical enterprise portal (VEP), which is a specific type of enterprise portal used by personnel in a specific department for specific business functions such as e-commerce or accounting.

A HEP has menus and links to many diverse and enterprise-wide VEPs. For example, a single click on any of the following links instantly brings a user to a screen that allows vertical access to multiple types of information in that department or business function: Production Department, Parts Department, Shipping and Receiving Department, Accounting, Human Resources and Security.

Other enterprise portal classifications include enterprise information portals (EIP) and content management portals. Often, portals are combined to suit the requirements of users, department managers, division heads or executives across enterprises ranging from small businesses to large-scale organizations.


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