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Integration-Centric Business Process Management Suite (IC-BPMS)

Last updated: April 24, 2013

What Does Integration-Centric Business Process Management Suite (IC-BPMS) Mean?

An integration-centric business process management suite (IC-BPMS) is an approach to building and upgrading software and Web services. It is often used when there is a critical need for business process management and service-oriented architecture and it combines the attributes of these two approaches. IC-BPMS allows for easy application updates and is capable of meeting variable market conditions. IC-BPMS may also be known as integration-centric business process management.

Techopedia Explains Integration-Centric Business Process Management Suite (IC-BPMS)

IC-BPMS allows for the organized implementation of efficient and flexible business processes, while service-oriented architecture assists in organizing the mutual interaction between different program-computing entities. Model-driven development allows developers of all skill levels to collaborate on an application project. One of the most important IC-BPMS tools is model-driven development, which creates low or insignificant management overhead while allowing the system to reuse application objects for application operation efficiency.


Integration-Centric Business Process Management

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