Katmai (Pentium III Core)

What Does Katmai (Pentium III Core) Mean?

Katmai was the code name for Intel’s first Pentium III core microprocessor. Katmai was the first variant in Intel’s 32-bit Pentium III family of microprocessors and supplanted Pentium II microprocessors.


Techopedia Explains Katmai (Pentium III Core)

Introduced in 1999, the Pentium III was based on Intel’s P6 sixth-generation micro architecture, which was fabricated with Intel’s 0.25 micrometer P856.5 process.

Katmai’s key innovation was a new instruction set, called Katmai New Instructions, which was later renamed to Streaming single instruction multiple data (SIMD) Extension (SSE). SSE introduced 70 new instructions targeted at optimizing floating point operations as well as the controversial serial numbers unique to each manufactured CPU. SSE gradually evolved into SSE2, which was introduced with the Pentium 4 family of processors.


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