Concatenated Short Message Service

What Does Concatenated Short Message Service Mean?

Concatenated short message service (concatenated SMS) is a series of multiple messages joined to form and communicate continuous SMS messages, providing convenience to modern mobile phone users.


One SMS message accommodates 160 characters, so early SMS-capable mobile phone users had to send successive individual messages to deliver longer messages. Concatenated SMS resolves this inconvenience.

Concatenated short message service is also known as PDU mode SMS.

Techopedia Explains Concatenated Short Message Service

A concatenated SMS accommodates up to 255 separate SMS messages. Concatenating (or joining) separate text messages is invisible to sending and receiving mobile users, who enter and/or read one long continuous message within a user interface.

Behind the scenes, eight-character SMS parts are used within the user data header information. As a result, only 152 characters of each SMS message part are accommodated. Because there are multiple SMS messages in a PDU mode SMS, service providers normally charge users for each SMS part within the entire concatenated SMS.


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