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On-Screen Display (OSD)

What Does On-Screen Display (OSD) Mean?

An on-screen display (OSD) is a strategically arranged control set that appears on a computer monitor, television screen, VCR or DVD player. The OSD allows users to select viewing options or adjust display characteristics, such as contrast, brightness and vertical/horizontal image or video positioning.


Techopedia Explains On-Screen Display (OSD)

The OSD may be activated by buttons at the bottom of a computer monitor or via software. On a TV, VCR or DVD player, the OSD may be activated by buttons or via a remote control. Users may also be able to view or set program searches, information, and/or parental control with certain channels.

Computer software may use OSD as support for enhanced keyboard, audio controls, music track selections, almanac data, and access to background programs, which may be built into the operating system.


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