Enterprise Digital Assistant

What Does Enterprise Digital Assistant Mean?

An enterprise digital assistant (EDA) is a mobile device that looks like a smartphone or personal digital assistant (PDA) but has superior connectivity options and a more rugged build. EDA devices are designed for warehouse and field personnel, health care practitioners and similar types of users.


EDAs are built with typical smartphone features and additional data connectivity and collection options.

Techopedia Explains Enterprise Digital Assistant

EDAs are used in rugged environments and designed accordingly, per the following special features:

  • Higher Military Standard (MIL-STD) drop and tumble specifications
  • Broader ranges for operating and storage temperatures
  • Better waterproofing capabilities

The Motorola ES400 is an EDA device that includes a resistive touch screen, QWERTY keyboard, fingerprint scanner, one-click data capture and camera that also serves as a bar code reader. Most smartphones have capacitive touch screen displays that accept finger gestures, but the ES400 operates via a stylus that is used to accept signatures and facilitate data entry, such as inventory updates and product orders.

The EDA camera feature may be used to scan bar code data for EDA application processing and transmission to a backend database through a wireless network like third generation (3G) or Wi-Fi. The database then retransmits inventory data to the EDA.


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