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Remote Office/Branch Office Backup and Recovery

Last updated: November 11, 2012

What Does Remote Office/Branch Office Backup and Recovery Mean?

Remote office/branch office backup and recovery (ROBO backup) refers to the issues and problems that encountered with a backup system at remote locations. Backing up ROBO data, or recovery from a system failure or disaster, is often very problematic for an organization.

ROBO backup is also known as ROBO backup and recovery.


Techopedia Explains Remote Office/Branch Office Backup and Recovery

Typically, ROBOs do not have experienced IT personnel and/or the hardware and software present to deal with system failures or disasters and implement recovery procedures. Unfortunately, IT organizations do not frequently test their ability to recover data, especially at ROBO locations. For this and other reasons, backup and recovery is often problematic in nature and tricky to effectively address.



ROBO Backup and Recovery

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