What Does Java ME WTK Mean?

Java ME WTK is a toolbox, or wireless toolkit, for developing wireless applications, which are based on the Java ME (Micro Edition) connected limited device configuration (CLDC) and the mobile information device profile (MIDP). The Java ME WTK is now part of the Java ME SDK (software development kit) 3.0.


Techopedia Explains Java ME WTK

The Java ME WTK can be used independently as a standalone program or in conjunction with a graphical integrated development environment (IDE)) like the Netbeans Mobility Pack.

When used as a standalone, users can work either through the KToolbar, a minimalist graphical interface, or through its command line. They can then create Java Archives, Java Application Descriptors or mobile applications.

When the Java ME WTK is integrated into an IDE, developers can interact with it through either the IDE’s menus or the command-line interface.

The WTK has three main components:

  • A User Interface: This automates tasks used for creating MIDP applications.
  • An Emulator: This simulates a mobile phone and serves as a testing environment for the created apps.
  • A Collection of Utilities: These include a text messaging console and some cryptographic tools.

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