Limited Connected Device User Interface

What Does Limited Connected Device User Interface Mean?

Limited Connected Device User Interface (LCDUI) is a base application programming interface (API) for graphical user interfaces (GUIs) created using Java Micro Edition (ME). The LCDUI package contains classes and interfaces used in constructing Mobile Information Device Profile (MIDP) applications.


Techopedia Explains Limited Connected Device User Interface

As part of Java ME, LCDUI is used in applications designed for resource-limited environments such as cell phones and PDAs. Its main abstaction is a Displayable object. This object features device-specific graphics rendering as well as user input. A Displayable object is always active on the screen at any given time.

Although LCDUI can be used in a wide range of mobile devices, it is quite limited, and thus is best suited for low-end to mid-tier phones. One strong feature of this API is that it is extremely portable. To deal with user interactions, for instance, LCDUI uses the Command class. This class uniquely abstracts operations so that the placement of commands on a Displayable object is entirely up to the device’s implementation.


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