What Does Maemo Mean?

Maemo is an open-source mobile OS and platform geared toward delivering PC user features and experiences to mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets. Based on Debian Linux, Maemo takes many of its graphical user interface (GUI), frameworks and libraries from the GNU Network Object Model Environment (GNOME) project.


In 2005, Maemo was introduced with the wireless Nokia 770 Internet Tablet.

Techopedia Explains Maemo

Although Nokia oversees Maemo development, software applications designed to run on the Maemo platform are mainly handled through the Maemo Community, which is an open-source collaboration of members that work with the Maemo software development kit (SDK), in addition to other open source tools and processes. The Maemo SDK is based on the Scratchbox cross-compilation toolkit, which is primarily designed to run in a Debian environment.

Most Maemo-based applications are written in C, Java, Python, Ruby and Mono. Maemo device updates require a flashing technique, which is applied via a computer and Universal Serial Bus (USB) port. Maemo also supports Seamless Software Update (SSU) for OS updates.


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