Same Old Software as a Service

What Does Same Old Software as a Service Mean?

Same old software as a service is a derogatory phrase describing software as a service (SaaS). It maintains that some software providers are recklessly creating buyer confusion. This is done by marketing their brands as SaaS in the cloud, when actually their SaaS offerings are not genuine applications capable of low maintenance, rapid deployment, easy configuration and low cost.


Techopedia Explains Same Old Software as a Service

Critics maintain that traditional software vendors cannot just convert their product into a multitenant SaaS product; moreover, they maintain many have tried and all have failed.

The same old software as a service advocates emphasize that to build a successful SaaS product the design must be from the ground up. And the application must be multitenant – capable of serving multiple customers from a single shared instance of the application. Furthermore, there must be just one version of the application. This means that all customers share the same delivery methodology and base code. And the system is maintained from a single SaaS provider. Each user’s data security must be maintained by assuring each one that no other user has access to their data. Finally, each user must be able to custom configure the application.


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