Open Mobile Alliance

What Does Open Mobile Alliance Mean?

The Open Mobile Alliance (OMA) is a a mobile specification resource organization. The OMA facilitates mobile service interoperability worldwide while growing the mobile market through the rapid adoption of mobile data, entertainment and communication standards.


OMA membership includes approximately 200 organizations, including mobile operators, device/network suppliers, IT organizations and content providers.

Techopedia Explains Open Mobile Alliance

A key OMA benefit is efficient resolution of issues related to mobile service interoperability. Solutions are based on open standards that deliver economic benefits.

OMA’s principles are derived from the Open Mobile Architecture Initiative (OMAI) and Wireless Application Protocol (WAP), as well as the Mobile Wireless Internet Forum (MWIF), SyncMLInitiative, MMS Interoperability Group (MMS-IOP), Location Interoperability Forum (LIF) and Mobile Gaming Interoperability Forum (MGIF).

The OMA collaborates on interoperability issues with other organizations and standardization bodies, including the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA), 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) and The Calendaring and Scheduling Consortium (CalConnectSM).

OMA working groups and committees include Requirements (REQ), Architecture (ARCH), Messaging Group (MWG), Mobile Web Services (MWS), Data Synchronization (DS), Device Management (DM), Interoperability (IOP) and Mobile Commerce (MCOM).


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