Internet Radio Appliance

What Does Internet Radio Appliance Mean?

An internet radio appliance is a hardware innovation that functions very much like a radio when connected to the internet. It was born due to emerging web-based music services, like Apple’s iTunes and other online radio broadcasting stations available for PC and mobile users that stream music.


This is a smaller and more dedicated device that remains connected and plays/streams continuously, versus using a laptop or PC to listen to Internet radio.

An internet radio appliance is also known as a web radio.

Techopedia Explains Internet Radio Appliance

An internet radio appliance works just like a common radio, except that rather than receiving radio signals, audio data is broadcasted and received as digital signals via the internet.

One popular internet radio appliance is made by the company Reciva. Because web radios are just like ordinary radios, they must be connected with a number of radio stations to deliver different choices to users. Reciva tracks and records thousands of internet-based radio broadcasters available for their device.

Other web radios include Sangean WFR-20, Grace Digital Audio’s ITC-IR1000, ComOne’s Phoenix, C Crane Wi-Fi radio, Tangent’s Quattro and Revo Pico. Although these products also play music from the internet, some possess unique features, like waterproofing and internal batteries.


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