Applet Container

What does Applet Container mean?

An applet container is the environment that runs a Java applet and provides secure applet execution. Examples include Web browsers and the applet viewer in Java's software development kit (SDK).

The applet container uses the sandbox security model, preventing applets from accessing system resources and causing harm. Running an applet in an applet container ensures security and portability.


Techopedia explains Applet Container

The applet requests required resources directly from the application server. Note: The applet container does not serve as a mediator between the server and applet.

An applet container follows the steps below when executing an applet:

  • Applet is loaded.
  • Applet is created.
  • Applet is initialized by calling the method init().
  • Applet is started by calling the method start().
  • Applet is stopped by calling the method stop().

When the browser closes, the applet container calls the destroy() method, which releases allocated resources and lets the applet know that it is no longer required.


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