J2EE Product Provider

What Does J2EE Product Provider Mean?

A Java 2 Platform Enterprise Edition (J2EE) product provider is a J2EE application development and deployment role that is usually used to refer to a company that designs and develops J2EE specification features, which may include the J2EE platform and application programming interfaces (APIs).


Product providers also supply product tools used to deploy and manage J2EE applications. These are usually operating system, database system or Web server vendors.

Techopedia Explains J2EE Product Provider

In a J2EE application life cycle, there are many roles performed by people or organizations. However, different roles do not require different people. The same person or organization may perform two or more roles. The J2EE product provider is an example of such a role, which is usually managed by an organization.

The following are J2EE product provider roles and responsibilities:

  • Provide deployment tools to the deployer
  • Configure the product to use suitable security domains
  • Provide necessary mechanisms to implement deployment security policies
  • Provide runtime security control

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