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What Does Web Sphere Development Studio Client Mean?

The Web Sphere Development Studio Client (WSDC) is a set of e-business-related application development tools and technologies targeted toward the IBM iSeries server. It is a workstation-based application toolset offering unlimited licenses. These tools facilitate business-related application development. The license for the combined product is cheaper than its constituents, thereby offering a distinct advantage for low-budget businesses. Technologies used with these tools include C, C++, RPG, Java, JSF, COBOL, Struts, Web Wervices and SQL-dependent databases.


Techopedia Explains Web Sphere Development Studio Client

The WSDC enables the development of software using different underlying technologies simultaneously. It is based on Eclipse 3.0 and bears a slightly modified user interface. As such, it is equipped with different debuggers to separately debug each section of code belonging to a particular programming language. The debugging tools provided by IBM WSDC version 6.0 include:

  • Debuggers for RPG, COBOL, CL, C, C++ and Java
  • WAS debug adapter for JSP
  • Debuggers for servlets and EJBs
  • IBM distributed debugger for JNI calls and CODE-based services
  • SQLJ based debugger for SQL embedded in Java code
  • A server-side JavaScript debugger

The user can choose to install CODE and Visual Age RPG as the only package, if needed. Otherwise, the user can install the whole WSDC suite. The user can also keep both versions 5.1.2 and 6.0 on the same machine. However, users cannot use a workspace created in 6.0 with an older version. In situations where CODE and VARPG are installed as the only packages, the user has to uninstall the previous version prior to installing the new one. The Rational Product Update Manager is used to update the WSDC 6.0 regularly.

The welcome page is the first page accessible when the software is installed. It contains links to Getting Started, Tutorials, Overview, Samples, First Steps, and other required preliminary information.


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