What Does Webby Mean?

Webby is a client-side content management system (CMS) that facilitates the generation of static Web pages using Ruby programming language. The HTML page is basically composed of two logical sections: content and layout. The content of the page is the information presented on the page while the layout deals with the arrangement of that information. Webby generates HTML pages that combine content and layout.


Techopedia Explains Webby

A content management system is essential for websites where content is updated regularly. HTML headers, navigation menus and footers are some structural elements provided by Webby.

Webby has the following key features:

  • Users can select their own markup language from a wide variety of choices
  • Support for syntax highlighting engines – both Ruby-based and non-Ruby-based – is provided
  • Support for technology to create structural diagrams
  • Support for document creating and publishing technology is provided
  • Support for automatic cleanup and garbage collection is provided
  • Webby builds a page only when it has changed. Every time a Web project is built, only modified pages are recompiled.
  • It’s a client-side CMS and therefore does not require the installation of any sophisticated server. It also runs on plain HTML.
  • Templates are provided to build common page constructs like blog pages and forums.
  • Very little maintenance is needed to deploy Webby-based pages.
  • Since there are no executable contents on a static website, Webby does not possess any potential security vulnerabilities.
  • The content is stored separately in text files, making data management and modification easier.

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