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Visual J#

What Does Visual J# Mean?

Visual J# is a set of programming utilities that enables developers to use Java-language syntax to build applications and services that run on the Microsoft .NET framework. Visual J# integrates Java language features into the Visual Studio integrated development environment (IDE).


Visual J# may also be referred to simply as J#.

Techopedia Explains Visual J#

The Java Virtual Machine (JVM) is not supported by Microsoft, but Visual J# allows a Java programmer to use the same concepts and syntax when writing Java-based software that will run on the .NET framework common language runtime platform.

Microsoft intermediate language (MSIL) is analogous to Java bytecode in that MSIL also compiles source statements into machine code. Moreover, programs in Java bytecode can be converted to MSIL.

Visual J# includes Microsoft-based class libraries that are analogous to the Java development kit 1.1.4 class libraries; it also supports the functionality of Visual J++ as well as Microsoft's extensions to Java.

Microsoft claims that Visual J# is a familiar interface for Visual J++ users, as one machine is able to run both development systems and project files.


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