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Web Proxy Cache

What Does Web Proxy Cache Mean?

A Web proxy cache is a type of cache that stores and delivers frequently accessed websites, images and/or objects on the Internet. It is designed to help in delivering Internet-based data and objects more quickly to end users and also to free up bandwidth.


A Web proxy cache is also known as a proxy cache.

Techopedia Explains Web Proxy Cache

Typically, a Web proxy cache is delivered through a Web proxy cache server that stores copies of frequently requested items. This server is closer to the end user than the destination server. The user connects to a Web proxy cache server that sends a copy of the saved/cached object or data to the user’s browser or application. A Web proxy cache speeds up the accessing of data and files on the Internet, as the user does not have to pull the data and information directly from the destination server.

In most scenarios, the end user is not aware that data is delivered from the original server or through a Web proxy cache-enabled server.


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