What Does Telnet Mean?

Telnet (TN) is a networking protocol and software program used to access remote computers and terminals over the Internet or a TCP/IP computer network. Telnet was conceived in 1969 and standardized as one of the first Internet standards by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF).


Techopedia Explains Telnet

Designed for remote server access, management and client/server architectures, Telnet works through a purpose-built program that provides connectivity between a remote computer/server and host computer. Upon providing correct login and sign-in credentials, a user may access a remote system’s privileged functionality. Additionally, Telnet’s commands may be executed on a supported client or server device.

Telnet sends all messages in clear text and has no specific security mechanisms. Thus, in many applications and services, Telnet has been replaced by Secure Shell (SSH).


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