What Does Intellisense Mean?

IntelliSense is a code completion tool that is built into Microsoft Visual Studio. It is one of a number of similar tools that allow for intelligent code completion or intelligent text completion on different platforms.


Techopedia Explains Intellisense

Through the use of various algorithms, IntelliSense attempts to guess what the developer wants to type in order to complete a line of code. Using this tool may reduce typographical and syntactical errors.

Through a number of features including “list members,” “parameter information” and “complete work,” IntelliSense helps developers evaluate code as they are typing and use fewer keystrokes to implement certain aspects of a code. For example, “list members” will generate a list of valid members from a trigger character and limit the result according to the initial letters that have been typed in.

IntelliSense and related tools are helpful in making code writing more efficient and allow programmers to track what they have done in order to reduce errors and improve accuracy.


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