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Last updated: April 24, 2013
SprintLink is to a Tier 1 global Internet Service Provider (ISP) network that provides services through an OC-192 Internet backbone. SprintLink services include cable maintenance and administration in the TAT-14 consortium. Its communication network provides global voice, data and internet services to multinational companies in more than 100 countries.
Sprint Nextel Corporation, a global internet carrier, owns and operates SprintLink. SprintLink's strengths include: Homogeneous global architecture P layer redundancy and accountability L3/L1 architecture Robust architecture that allows for high stability Peering architecture and multicast technology Zero loss and speed-of-light delays SprintLink's core service level agreement includes: Forwarding outages < 1 second Packet loss - 0.05% Packet reordering - 1% Round-Trip Time U.S. – 100 milliseconds Round-Trip Time World - 380 milliseconds Jitter – 5 milliseconds Bandwidth/Delay Quota - 2.4 G/350 milliseconds Maximum Transmission Unit - 4470 MB

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