Internet Transaction Server

What Does Internet Transaction Server Mean?

Internet Transaction Server (ITS) is an interface that enables effective data exchange between a Web server and R/3 application server. ITS is a critical element in SAP’s mySAP product package.


Techopedia Explains Internet Transaction Server

The application and Web servers are coupled through ITS, which supervises data flow and facilitates user access to Internet application components. ITS adds the presentation layer for executed R/3 system transactions. Each transaction provides HyperText Markup Language (HTML) pages. Changes are incorporated through templates. These components are essential for online R/3 system business applications.

WGate, which typically runs on the Web server, and AGate, which may or may not run on the Web server, are ITS acting components. When a user clicks a link to request a Web page, ITS performs the following process:

  • The sequence begins with the passing of data from the Web server to WGate.
  • WGate forwards the data by creating a link to AGate.
  • Agate (the party responsible for converting data into an HTML format) sends the associated HTML data to the R/3 application.
  • Finally, the processed HTML data is sent back to WGate, which, in turn, returns the data to the user.

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