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Add-On Manager

What Does Add-On Manager Mean?

An add-on manager, in applications used to access Internet, is a management section or process that keeps record of all the aiding software used by that application. Web browsers often use add-ons and add-on managers, which can be installed on either client systems or server systems, depending upon the type of add-on. Firefox and AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) are examples of applications that use add-on managers.


Techopedia Explains Add-On Manager

Options are available to customize user experience on the internet. An add-on manager helps users make the most of their time spent on the web. Add-ons are simply software applications that can help an application work better and perform more tasks than it was originally designed to. Some examples of add-ons include Adobe Flash Player, Adobe Reader and image viewers, all within a single application such as a web browser. An add-on manager (within a web browser) saves a user’s preferences so they do not have to change settings every time they log on.


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