Microsoft XML Core Services

What Does Microsoft XML Core Services Mean?

Microsoft XML Core Services (MSXML) is a set of services that allows developers to build interoperable XML-centered applications on all platforms supporting XML 1.0.


MSXML is compatible with applications written by various development tools executed under the Windows operating platform, such as Visual Basic and JavaScript. MSXML provides multiple required application services, including document object model (DOM), simple API for XML (SAX), XML data reduced schema (XDR) and schema object model (SOM).

Techopedia Explains Microsoft XML Core Services

Extensible markup language (XML) is used to display, transport and exchange arbitrary data structures. After reviewing XML’s methodology, Microsoft created MSXML as a proprietary version for its core services. MSXML, which is not identical to XML, is a bridging platform that helps programmers build XML-based applications, which can be easily operated and executed on all Windows-based platforms.

MSXML provides the following services:

  • Sign and verify XML documents through XML signatures
  • XML schema language
  • DOM for accessing XML-based documents

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