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IT Capability Maturity Framework

What Does IT Capability Maturity Framework Mean?

The IT Capability Maturity Framework (IT-CMF) is a model that evaluates and improves an enterprise’s information technology (IT) capabilities. It is designed to derive greater business value from IT.


Techopedia Explains IT Capability Maturity Framework

IT-CMF is a holistic framework that follows the following four steps in an effort to improve IT performance:

  • Managing IT like a Business: Shifts technology focus to clients and services
  • Managing IT Budget: Invests in solutions for better value
  • Managing IT Capability: Identifies core competencies and manages IT skills throughout the value cycle
  • Managing IT for Business Value: Links IT investments to overall business value

IT-CMF classifies 36 basic procedures within these four strategies, including all IT department roles. An enterprise’s key maturity issues and value-creation potential are revealed via the evaluation of an IT company’s maturity based on these 36 procedures, in addition to industry benchmark and best practice comparisons.


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