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Configuration Management (CM)

Last updated: September 26, 2012

What Does Configuration Management (CM) Mean?

A configuration management (CM) system is used to keep track of an organization’s hardware, software and related information. This includes software versions and updates installed on the organization's computer systems. CM also involves logging the network addresses belonging to the hardware devices used. Software is available for all of these tracking tasks.

Configuration management may also be called configuratin control.


Techopedia Explains Configuration Management (CM)

The CM updating process must be done on an ongoing basis. It would be ineffective to have an old version of software in a CM spreadsheet or tool. It is important to only track the most needed pieces of configuration information (CI, which may also stand for configuration item) in the organization. Tracking every piece of CI can be overwhelming to the system and may even result in errors. It is also essential to create a configuration management database (CMDB) for storing all data in one location.



Configuration Control

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