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What Does Hot Site Mean?

A hot site is an off-premises location where a company’s work can resume during a disaster. A hot site has all the equipment necessary for a business to resume regular activities, including jacks for phones, backup data, computers and related peripherals.


Techopedia Explains Hot Site

Hot sites offer a valuable backup system to any organization that wants to continue business operations even in the face of extenuating circumstances or disaster. A hot site can be thought of as a replica of the usual business environment that includes all the necessary equipment, but at another location. Hot sites can be part of a business continuity plan or disaster recovery plan, where plans and procedures are laid out in the event that normal business activities cannot go on as usual in the normal location.

Hot sites are operated by another company, not the businesses that use and pay for them. Hot sites can provide data backup services so that companies can still gain access to their data at the hot site location. This also saves additional time because data does not have to be located and loaded onto the hot site computers during a business disruption.

Cold sites are like hot site except that the companies that use them have to bring and set up their own equipment. This can cause a serious disruption in business processes.


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