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Bates Number

What Does Bates Number Mean?


A Bates number is an electronic number used to identify images and document pages in an automated database system. A Bates number serves as a type of digital reference point that is used to facilitate timely data retrieval.

A Bates number is also known as a Bates stamp, Bates brand, Bates code and Bates label.

Techopedia Explains Bates Number

Bates numbers are used by large organizations for document management and may be used during litigation presentations because they are components of litigation and medical source solutions. Bates numbering allows users to select page number location and page context and print large quantities of documents in predesignated batches.

Additionally, the Bates numbering system serves as a type of search engine. For example, an organization like Advanced Labelling Systems (ALS) provides Bates numbering systems to facilitate quick electronic data access and retrieval, versus digging through piles of papers.

The Bates numbering machine was invented by Edwin G. Bates and patented by the Bates Manufacturing Company in 1893. Bates numbers are gradually being phased out by hash algorithm technology, as of the late 2000s.


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