Connectile Dysfunction

What Does Connectile Dysfunction Mean?

Connectile dysfunction is a slang term that refers to difficulties getting and maintaining a network connection. Connectile dysfunction is often used to describe the spotty Internet connections on some mobile devices. Connectile dysfunction still occurs despite the fact that networks have been expanded and upgraded since this term was coined. The term connectile dysfunction is a play on erectile dysfunction.


Techopedia Explains Connectile Dysfunction

Connectile dysfunction is one of those slang terms that fits so well that it quickly catches on. In fact, the concept of connectile dysfunction was at heart of a viral advertising campaign by Sprint in 2007. People could read stories about others with connectile dysfunction, get help (a Sprint mobile contract) and even refer a friend to the online treatment center. Sprint’s campaign also used a series of humorous television ads, including a SuperBowl ad that became a modest hit on the Web. Connectile dysfunction is no laughing matter, but the ads are pretty funny.


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