Electronic Book Exchange

What Does Electronic Book Exchange Mean?

The Electronic Book Exchange (EBX) is a system that supports devices and software that use public-key cryptography to protect copyrighted and distributed electronic books (e-books).


The EBX Working Group, which includes major U.S. software organizations, develops e-book distribution standards and specifications designed to protect e-book authors, publishers and licensees.

Techopedia Explains Electronic Book Exchange

EBX is part of the International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF), formerly known as the Open eBook Forum. EBX is preferred by publishers that sell e-book reader software. Thus, publishers dominate the e-book market.

The uneven dominance of publishers, authors and e-book software manufacturers is not lost on certain consumer advocacy groups, such as the Free Software Foundation. However, EBX’s history indicates that e-book users do not have an issue with the disproportionate power that EBX lends to large companies and copyright owners.


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