Cable Jetting

What Does Cable Jetting Mean?

Cable jetting involves putting a cable into a duct or conduit through the process of using compressed air to blow or push that cable into place.


Techopedia Explains Cable Jetting

Cable jetting is often contrasted with the more traditional practice of cable pulling.

With cable pulling, the cable must be pulled through the duct or conduit with a winch line. Cable pulling involves dealing with friction, often using a lubricant to allow for better results.

With cable jetting, a compressor machine pushes the cable instead. Cable jetting has various benefits compared to cable pulling:

  • The ability to implement longer installation distances.

  • Bends and other patterns in the trajectory are more easily handled.

  • Doesn’t acquire a winch line.

  • May be achieved faster than cable pulling.

Engineers and skilled workers utilize cable jetting to install many different kinds of telecom cables and fiber-optic cabling. This type of process can be extremely useful in new kinds of cable or bandwidth products such as Google Fiber.


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