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What Does Dominio Internet Inter-Orb Protocol Mean?

Dominio Internet Inter-Orb Protocol (DIIOP) is CORBA (Common Object Request Broker Architecture) over IIOP (Internet Inter-Orb Protocol). It enables non-Corba programs, including Java-based programs, to connect to Lotus Domino and manipulate Domino databases.


Techopedia Explains Dominio Internet Inter-Orb Protocol

Dominio Internet Inter-Orb Protocol allows programs to interact with Lotus Domino, which is a complete infrastructure required to do many functions through a single application. These functions include deploy, create, test and manage distributed multi-lingual applications including:

  • directory
  • security
  • application server
  • database
  • administration
  • connectivity
  • email server
  • Web server
  • calendaring engine

Lotus Domino is an IBM server application for company email, scheduling and collaborations.

IIOP is the implementation of GIOP (General Inter-ORB Protocol) which is an abstract protocol allowing object request brokers to communicate. IIOP is a concrete realization of the abstract GIOP definitions.

CORBA is an architecture, developed by an industry consortium called Object Management Group, which allows objects which are actual pieces of programs, to communicate with each other regardless of the operating system or the programming languages used.


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