Open Rights Group

What Does Open Rights Group Mean?

The Open Rights Group (ORG) is a nonprofit digital rights organization that was formed to defend privacy, innovation, freedom of expression, consumer Internet rights and creativity. Founded in 2005, the ORG is based in the UK.


Techopedia Explains Open Rights Group

The Open Rights Group has evolved from an online movement of 1,000 activists to a well-oiled public policy organization. Since 2009, ORG’s supporters, budget and workload have doubled. The group has led campaigns against the Digital Economy Act, Phorm and government Internet surveillance.

ORG works on policy issues related to privacy, open data, copyright and electronic voting (e-voting) through the following tactics:

  • Communicating with policy makers and similar groups in the UK and internationally
  • Raising awareness through social and traditional media
  • Recruiting supporters and generating campaign donations

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