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Remote Backup Appliance

Last updated: January 17, 2017

What Does Remote Backup Appliance Mean?

A remote backup appliance is a bundled hardware, software and network-enabled solution that is designed to store, manage and provide data backup services over the Internet. It provides enterprise backup services with a set of directly or remotely connected computers, servers and/or other devices.

A remote backup appliance is also known as a remote backup device.


Techopedia Explains Remote Backup Appliance

A remote backup appliance functions like a typical backup device but has an advanced storage mechanism, remote/Internet connectivity option, data encryption, data security and disaster recovery solutions. The appliance's native backup software manages data and backup device syncing.

A remote backup appliance is generally accessed through a Web-based browser on a secure HTTPS connection. However, Universal Serial Bus (USB) ports are also available to directly store data on the device. When a file is backed up, the appliance looks for and backs up the applied changes, rather than the complete data file, ensuring faster backup.



Remote Backup Device

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