Data Protection Software

What Does Data Protection Software Mean?

Data protection software enables timely, reliable and secure backup of data from a host device to destination device. It is designed to provide data backup, integrity and security for data backups that are in motion or at rest.


Data protection software is similar to data backup software. However, the former focuses on data integrity, privacy, availability and security, whereas the latter focuses on creating and managing backup copies.

Techopedia Explains Data Protection Software

As part of a data backup solution or system, data protection software is generally installed on each device/system that requires backup. At a scheduled time, the software begins transferring designated files, folders or drives to an in-house or remote storage location.

Data protection software ensures data integrity by verify the original and backup files through hash algorithms, which encrypt secure data in transit and at rest and ensure timely and instant retrieval, as required.

Data protection software for enterprise provides a centralized management interface and reporting of backup success and failures, as well as other backup specific abnormalities, such as network latency.


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