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What Does Cytizenship Mean?

Cytizenship is an emerging term describing some form of
interaction online, and the sense of being connected to a community in
cyberspace. Cytizenship can take many forms, but has not really been codified
in the English language to any great extent. The term is rarely described on
the web, evident in its representation on Google, apart from in a number of
online dictionaries providing a technical definition.


Techopedia Explains Cytizenship

The collection of websites giving short descriptions of cytizenship often define it as the fundamental idea of online interactions such as those that happen in chat rooms, on instant messaging platforms, or on comments sections of blog posts and articles. The idea of owning real estate online is also a part of what could be called cytizenship.

Although it has not become a very popular slang term, cytizenship can be used to describe many aspects of how people relate to one another over new digital and online technologies. In many senses, cytizenship is replacing aspects of traditional citizenship, as more of what we do migrates to the web and digital interfaces. For example, the use of online library technologies, online registration of vehicles, online signing of consumer contracts, and many other types of daily activities could be described as representing the idea of cytizenship.


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