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What Does Internet2 Mean?

Internet2 is a U.S.-based and international nonprofit networking consortium led by researchers, academia and industry/government leaders. Launched in 1996, Internet2 works to advance the development of networking education and global partnering to facilitate innovative Internet technologies.


Internet2 manages the Internet2 Network, a next-generation optical and Internet Protocol network. Internet2 Network is responsible for delivering production network services to fulfill the high-performance requirements of education and research services. It also provides its users with a protected research and network testing environment.

Techopedia Explains Internet2

Internet2 provides revolutionary IT facilities to the global IT village and its educational sectors, including a 100 Gbps network central source to 70 corporations, more than 210 U.S. educational facilities and 45 nonprofit and government departments.

In addition, Internet2 is a provider of innovative technologies, including massive network performance management and measurement tools, uncomplicated and protected access and identity administration tools, and sophisticated functionalities like the scheduling and on-demand creation of highly efficient, high-bandwidth circuits.

Internet2’s primary objectives and functions are as follows:

  • Distributed E-Libraries: Students routinely use e-libraries requiring high-bandwidth Internet IP networks. Internet2 provides tools to support and enhance network capability for high-speed data traffic.
  • Data Retrieval and Bandwidth: Before the digital computer age, data was text-based, and students did not have experience with digital transmission systems. Today, educational data is available for retrieval via Internet, increasing high-speed bandwidth requirements. Internet2 facilitates the development of enhanced bandwidth networks, services and support.
  • Virtualization: Multiple users – including students, scientists and teachers – now have the ability to work and access virtual laboratories from remote locations. Internet2’s advanced features facilitate the virtual availability of educational tools and machinery. It also provides online educational and training programs.

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