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Domain Name System Parking (DNS Parking)

What Does Domain Name System Parking (DNS Parking) Mean?

Domain Name System parking (DNS parking) is a business approach in which a domain name is registered for a set period, prior to actual use, and restricted to others. Domain name registrar services may offer DNS parking as a service for individuals or organizations.

DNS parking is also known as domain parking.


Techopedia Explains Domain Name System Parking (DNS Parking)

Like the domain registration process, the DNS parking process involves domain name registration with the InterNIC. However, with DNS parking, a domain registrar or Web host provides a registrant with some type of discount, which is generally a portion of the annual registration fee if the registrant opts to pay for more than one year.

DNS parking is also used by domain brokers that buy domain names in advance, with the expectation that a domain name may be resold after its value has increased.



Domain Parking

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