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What Does Cryptoanarchism Mean?

Cryptoanarchism is an ideology that espouses the use of cryptography to maintain freedom of speech and prevent government control and regulation of the Internet. The increasing sophistication of cryptographic methods is making it possible for people to communicate over the Internet in a way that is anonymous, untraceable and tamper proof.


This movement is often associated with cypherpunks, who view privacy as a good thing and wish there was more of it. Governments tend to object to totally anonymous interactions online because they can be used by drug dealers, tax evader and those who may pose a threat to national security.

Techopedia Explains Cryptoanarchism

Bitcoin, an emerging digital currency that can be traded and used anonymously, is one type of technology that gets strong support from cryptoanarchists. Some people just want to buy things – whether illegal or not – without the risk of being identified. Others see freeing currency from government control as a form of liberation from a traditional financial system they view as being unfair or potentially unreliable.

Some of the technologies that enable a move toward cryptoanarchism include:

  • High-speed networks
  • Integrated services digital networks (ISDN)
  • Tamper-proof boxes
  • Smart cards
  • Satellites
  • Ku-band transmitters
  • Multi-MIPS personal computers
  • Encryption chips

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