What Does TiBook Mean?

TiBook is a nickname for Apple’s Titanium PowerBook G4 notebook computer. The TiBook was marketed and sold between 2001 and 2003 and was powered by the PowerPC G4 processor. The TiBook was manufactured with a titanium case and a translucent black carbon-fiber keyboard. Features included a long battery life and fast processing speeds. The TiBook was marketed as a rugged, yet lightweight, computer.


Techopedia Explains TiBook

The TiBook was one inch thick, weighed 2.5 kilograms and contained a front-mounted optical drive for DVDs or CDs. Its design aimed to be elegant and minimalist.

The TiBook had a closed lid mode (or clamshell) in which the display could be off and the entire video RAM dedicated to an external display. This mode required an AC adaptor, a connection to an external display and USB connections for a mouse and keyboard.

The TiBook was discontinued in September of 2003 and replaced with a new line of laptop computers – the Aluminum PowerBook G4, nicknamed the AlBook.


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