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Multi-User Domain Object Oriented (MOO)

Last updated: January 17, 2017

What Does Multi-User Domain Object Oriented (MOO) Mean?

Multi-user domain (MUD), object oriented (MOO) is a virtual reality system in which several users are connected at one time. Users from around the world log in to use this object-oriented database system, which is stored on a remote server.

MOO was originally designed to allow role-playing gamers to play text-based adventure games across computer networks. Since then, MOO has been adapted for educational and other purposes such as collaborative software development, distance education and conferencing.

MOO is one of the most popular versions of MUD development.


Techopedia Explains Multi-User Domain Object Oriented (MOO)

MOOs are interactive systems that can be used to develop educational and other collaborative systems (software). These multi-user systems are programmable and can be accessed over a network.

The educational benefits of the MOO technology includes text-based data for educational content, as well as the ability to interact over the system. Many users can connect to the MOO system at the same time with programmable virtual environments. Everything in the MOO environment is an object that can be manipulated by users.


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