Call Detail Record

What Does Call Detail Record Mean?

A call detail record (CDR) is a computer record created by a telephone exchange. It includes the details of a phone call established through the telephone exchange, including an automated record of the length of each telephone call.


Techopedia Explains Call Detail Record

CDRs are created by telephone exchanges’ billing systems. The CDRs are saved by the transmitter exchange until the call ends. Computer networks transport CDRs to a central point. X.25 links are used worldwide for transporting CDRs.

A call accounting program is typically used for recovering and processing CDR data. This system is also known as a business support system (BSS). In the billing system, the price of the call is estimated by using the length of the call from the CDR.

Besides billing, CDRs can be used to support the operations of the telephone company by supplying data about faulty calls. Estimates of the amount of route traffic can also be obtained.


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