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Feed Aggregator

Last updated: April 21, 2016

What Does Feed Aggregator Mean?

A feed aggregator is a type of software that brings together various types of Web content and provides it in an easily accessible list. Feed aggregators collect things like online articles from newspapers or digital publications, blog postings, videos, podcasts, etc.

A feed aggregator is also known as a news aggregator, feed reader, content aggregator or an RSS reader.


Techopedia Explains Feed Aggregator

Feed aggregators can be built into websites, email technologies or other applications. They are generally easy for users to either use or ignore, or unsubscribe from if they are placed in a particular area of an end-user application. The main goal of feed aggregators is to aggregate content from different sites and present it as a list. Some feed aggregators are more customizable, where users can actually order up various categories of content, and some are pretty generic, simply offering summary of a broader category of content somewhere on the Internet.

There are many different feed aggregator tools available to users and to site managers. These are available with various licenses including freeware, GNU licenses, Apache licenses or proprietary licenses. They are built for different operating systems and offer various features such as search, annotations, news filtering, etc.



News Aggregator, Feed Reader, News Reader, RSS Reader, Aggregator, Content Aggregator

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