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Enterprise Application Security

What Does Enterprise Application Security Mean?

Enterprise application security refers to the protection of enterprise applications from external attacks, privilege abuse and data theft. By implementing security across all applications, enterprises can achieve greater data security and protect applications from vulnerabilities.


Techopedia Explains Enterprise Application Security

Enterprises face multiple issues regarding security as attackers evolve and become more versatile and sophisticated, thus increasing security compliance requirements. In order to address this issue, organizations must implement application security across any crucial enterprise applications that are susceptible to threats.

Application vulnerability assessments should be performed every quarter on all applications, along with a baseline assessment, which consists of a small number of vulnerability tests. This is required to ensure that all applications receive a minimal level of assessment.

Applications that are critical to a business’s operations are always at higher risk and therefore require much more than a baseline assessment. Organizations should plan for deep assessments on an annual basis on such applications.


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