Cloud Computing Security

What Does Cloud Computing Security Mean?

Cloud computing security refers to the set of procedures, processes and standards designed to provide information security assurance in a cloud computing environment.


Cloud computing security addresses both physical and logical security issues across all the different service models of software, platform and infrastructure. It also addresses how these services are delivered (public, private or hybrid delivery model).

Techopedia Explains Cloud Computing Security

Cloud security encompasses a broad range of security constraints from an end-user and cloud provider's perspective, where the end-user will primarily will be concerned with the provider's security policy, how and where their data is stored and who has access to that data. For a cloud provider, on the other hand, cloud computer security issues can range from the physical security of the infrastructure and the access control mechanism of cloud assets, to the execution and maintenance of security policy. Cloud security is important because it is probably the biggest reason why organizations fear the cloud.

The Cloud Security Alliance (CSA), a nonprofit organization of industry specialists, has developed a pool of guidelines and frameworks for implementing and enforcing security within a cloud operating environment.


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