Sun Open Net Environment

What Does Sun Open Net Environment Mean?

Sun Open Net Environment (Sun ONE) is an obsolete brand of Sun Microsystems comprised of a set of products designed for building enterprise-class Web services. The Sun ONE name was used for products from Sun’s alliance with Netscape Communications Corporation (Netscape).


Techopedia Explains Sun Open Net Environment

Released in 2002, Sun ONE was designed to provide enterprises with a set of tightly integrated products for building Web-based services. Other Enterprise as a Service (EaaS) solutions facilitated application and data development via a Web server. Sun ONE products were developed by Sun ONE and tightly integrated, resulting in fewer compatibility issues.

When introduced, Sun ONE competed with Microsoft .NET. Each product made extensive use of Extensible Markup Language (XML), allowing client/server application interaction. Sun used the Java programming platform, while Microsoft used C#.

Sun ONE branded products include the Sun ONE Web Server, Sun ONE Studio and Sun ONE Active Server Pages.


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